Steve’s Portfolio

Welcome to my Portfolio page. Here you will see a selection of my work to date.

My writing extends into various areas and niches. You will see that I have:

  • Authored full length books
  • Authored Booklets covering topics of Depression and Anxiety.
  • Written for my own Mental Health Blog.
  • Written for my own Martial Arts Blog.
  • Authored, edited and produced a paper magazine for 12 issues.
  • Authored Christian Studies.
  • Guest Writing.

I have provided links (below) to all my written work. Please just follow the links given below (or just click the pictures).

Mental Health Blog

I have been writing a blog for some time now, which is located on the Blog Page of this site, called Steve’s Mental Health Blog. Here you will see examples of medium length blog posts. Just click on a picture

Depressed? What you really want from your doctor is...

What are you so anxious about?








Beginning to be self-aware







Authoring, Mental Health

To compliment work I am doing elsewhere, I have written two booklets which are practical guides to understanding the conditions of both depression and anxiety.

These booklets are both available on Amazon here:

Martial Arts Blog

I’ve been studying martial arts of various kinds most of my life. Below is a direct link to my Martial Arts Blog, where you will see that my work is always practical in nature, wishing to provide greater understanding based on  my own experience and the research and experience of others.

Ste'ves Martial Arts Blog

I mainly blog about Karate and related issues, however my experience is not limited to that one form alone.

I have also studied:

  • Iaijutsu  (Japanese Swordsmanship)
  • Jujutsu
  • Aikido
  • Aikijujutsu
  • Hanbojutsu

I am quite happy to write in any of the above areas.

Martial Arts (and Related) Authoring

I have published two books on the subject, both are available on Amazon here:

Martial Arts Magazine – Kata Unlimited

This was my first major work in freelance writing and publishing. The end product was an A4 sized, 20 page paper magazine.

My work consisted of absolutely everything required to produce the magazine:

  • Finding prospective interviewees.
  • Interviewing, recording & transcribing.
  • Write ups and article writing.
  • Session photography.
  • Desktop publishing.
  • Soliciting for guest writers.
  • Printing & distribution.

Please follow this link to be able to view each edition of Kata UnlimitedKU-Logo




Christian Writing

I have authored two short books so far, which are Biblical studies of certain areas related to the Christian faith. These can also be found on Amazon:

EBM Publishing Website

I have created a website where all my books can be seen in one place. To view please follow the link below:

EBM Publishing Logo

Guest Writing

The articles that follow are martial arts in nature and were written over 12 years ago. However, I am pleased to say that despite that, these first two articles are still available online at the website of a well know British martial artist called Iain Abernethy.