Anxiety Research Project

Anxiety Research Project

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I hope you will decide to take part in my research. It will take perhaps one and a half hours of your time (spaced out however you like into chunks) and as a thank you, I will send you for FREE my e-book “Understanding Anxiety”, to which this project is connected and is usually sold on Amazon here.Anxiety Book Cover - Update

What is the Reason for This Research?

As part of my workshops on the subject of anxiety awareness, I explain the origins of anxiety related disorders. This research project will hopefully reinforce the main concept to my delegates, as well as make their understanding more tangible and real.

By taking part in this research, you are providing live but anonymous data which is not merely a set of opinions gained from a textbook, but is live information which adds to a body of understanding about anxiety.

What’s It All About?

I use Roger’s Theory of Personality as a key to trying to explain the ways in which long-term and debilitating anxiety is created and how it affects us in our daily lives.

This small research project is a means of collecting data to support (or not) the hypothesis that a lifetime of internalised negative attitudes and behaviour (abusive; violent; condescending; controlling; manipulative; negatively conditional etc.) which come from external influence (social network family etc.) has an observable and measurable (significant) effect on our internal Locus of Evaluation., and subsequently is related to the level of anxiety experienced.

What is “Locus of Evaluation? (L.O.E.)”

This is perhaps usefully described as whether we depend for our self-confidence and ability in decision making on internal processing that is either formed largely through the negative influences of others (which we internalise as our own and is an External L.O.E.) or from the largely self-regulated and unhindered internal beliefs and attitudes that do not depend on validation from others (Internal L.O.E.).

Anticipated Results

Rogers has previously provided various studies which have shown the efficacy of his therapeutic approach. This study is expected to produce results which provide real-time evidence to support his personality theory by showing a direct (or indirect) proportional relationship between certain attitudes and behaviours (aspects of personality) of us as individuals, which are reflected in where we sit on a loosely defined L.O.E. scale.

If all this seems a bit jargony, then my apologies. Just know that if you decide to take part, then you are not only helping me in my work but also those who attend my workshops.

What Do I Need to Do to Take Part?

Just fill in the Participant Enrollment Box below to start the process. All I need is your email address which will be deleted once your involvement is completed. You will never receive marketing material from me, nor will I pass on your email to anyone else.

I will send you the paperwork by email. I will send you the Research Methodology and 7 separate questionnaires.

Each questionnaire is a set of 25 multiple choice questions that relate directly to you at this moment in time. All you need to do is mark your (one) answer to each question.

These questionnaires are in MS Word format (.docx) and need not be printed out. Just activate the checkbox next to your answers.

Please read the documentation and follow the instructions provided. Please don’t look at any the questionnaires until you are ready to sit and fill them out.

That’s it. Email back the filled in questionnaires (I will give an email address when you enrol) and I will send you your free book.

Thank you for your involvement.

Enrolment as Project Participant

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