My Bio

1485169342076Primarily I am a Christian. I am currently a member at Pemberton Free Grace Church in Wigan, but shortly to be leaving to live abroad.

There is much I could say about my life which would take a book to fill. So I will just say that I have had 3 distinct careers, which were:

  • Electronics technician in the Royal Air Force.
  • Computer ‘Engineer’.
  • Person-centred Counselling Therapist (in the British health service and private practice).

I’ve done a lot of other work besides, far too varied to mention here, which has provided me with a wealth of experience.

I’ve been developing my teaching skills throughout the last 25 years or so, having taught in British Primary and High Schools as a Temporary Teacher, run martial arts and self-defence classes for many years and provided lectures on mental health awareness.

About my writing? Well I’ve written books and articles which cover a variety of topics, but mainly revolve around Christian topics, Karate/self-defence and Relationships. You can buy my books HERE.

For fun I enjoy writing (of course), Karate, motorcycling and being with my family.

My time in this new land will be about developing a Christian teaching ministry to aid existing churches in helping their congregations to have a sound understanding of God’s Word.

I thank God for providing me with a loving wife and the opportunity to start a new life in a foreign land. I still love Britain, but given it’s current state, I am glad not to live there anymore.

I can only support For Britain from a distance now, but I still want to support Anne-Marie Waters (For Britain leader) in the fight to see my country returned to sanity.